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Title: Donor Sperm & God
Post by: Paulz
I must apologize for not having posted anything on this site since last year.
I think it is true to say that men find it very difficult to discuss such issues as infertility, and I have to admit to being one of them.

The question I have asked myself for years is 'Why am I so fervently against the idea of using donor sperm'? To begin with, I was brought up by my genetic parents in a christian household, and lead to believe that god was our creator.
As I grew up, relatives & friends from both sides of the family would comment on how much I looked like my father, I was just a younger version of him.
I have a photo of him taken in 1963  sat inside an Austin 7, when he was the same age I am now. People think it's me!!!
The importance of genetics has been rammed down my throat since I was born.
Even 20 years after my father's death, I still get comments.
So back to the point, Donor Sperm, Why didn't I use it?
How easy is it to choose another mans' sperm from a catalogue?
How easy is it to sit there while it's inserted into your wife?
How am I going to feel when I hold the baby for the first time?
How will I cope with comments like; "Doesn't he/she look like his/her father?
When the child is a teenager and in the heat of an argument, how will I cope with "You're not my real dad anyway!!"

I used to think it was god that blessed you with children, if that's true, then why does Josef Fritzl have grandchildren?
Needless to say I'm not a christian anymore, and even more so since I read Richard Dawkins's book 'The God Delusion'.
I will admit to having very strong feelings on this issue, and if anyone can avoid duplicating them, please do. However, no offence is intended, it's only a rant.
Thanks for reading my post, I would say god bless you but I won't. instead, I wish you all the best.

Title: Re: Donor Sperm & God
Post by: reg24
Hi Paul,
Just came across your post and I was so struck by its content. I agree with all your comments and faced the same as you... except.. I came from a staunchly unbelieving background and the issues I faced led me to find out about Jesus. I became a Christian.... even though I am a scientist. Dawkins is angry with God and extrapolates beyond the data, but that's not why I posted here.
Its a while since your post and I hope that the pressure has subsided.
God Bless.