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Gender Joke - Argument Rules

Started by mensfe_admin, 2009-03-17 16:53

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Any argument that a man and a women are involved in, the women gets the last word.
Anything a man says afterwards is the beggining of a new argument


Jack and Jill were getting married.
Jack was talking to his dad about the marriage when his dad says, "I remember when your mom and I got married. I took off my pants, gave them to her, and told her to put them on."

" I can't wear these," she said.

"Darn right, "he said, "I wear thepants in this family, and you'd better remember that."

He went to Jill took of his pants and gave them to her.
"Put these on", he said.

Jill replied, "I can't wear these."

"Darn right. I wear the pants in this family and you'd better remember that," he said.

Jill then took off her pants, gave them to him, and told him to put them on.

"I can't get into these," he said.

"Darn right," said Jill. "And if you don't change your attitude you never will."