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Author Topic: Rant/Advice  (Read 13084 times)
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This is kind of a rant and seeking advice at the same time. My wife and I have had two failed IVFs this year and I am extremely disappointed in the doctors that hadled our case. They are so impersonal and after the second one the doctor sent us a letter basically saying "get more money and give us a call". The letter wasn't even signed  and there were spelling mistakes!!! How impersonal!!

Anyway now for advice. First of all one of our doctors titles is "endocrinologist". Anyway my wife has a thyroid issue (she doesn't have one) And our first IVF her levels were super low and when they are low you should lower the dose of the thyroid medicine but instead the doctor increased them which made her levels go down lower to .05 (something like 9.0 is normal). I believe this is why it didn't take. Well now today...three months after our last IVF I get a bill for $10Gs....and I am ****ed. Should I pursue a malpractice lawsuite for the first one because of the mistake they made with my wifes thyroid? When her levels were wacky on the second one they almosted cancelled the procedrue...I would think that they should have known better. Any advice is appreciated.
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Hi faithandhope!
Its a good name, believe in it, and both parts will help...
Good to see you let off some steam and good to have you with us. I am sorry to hear of the IVF failures and even more sorry that a badly composed letter quite understandably adds to the whole thing -
On the thyroid issue you mention that your wifes thyroid hormone levels were low? If this was the case she should have received a supplemental dose to get her levels back up to normal. So it sounds as though the endocrinologist may have done the right thing but did not communicate properly about what was going on? Best to check that out more before deciding what to do.
Best Regards
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