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They don't say much and what they do say I don't understand

Started by mensfe_admin, 2007-09-02 13:57

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For many people doctors are still considered to be those that you have to listen too rather than people who are there to help you. It is very common for couples to sit in front of doctors for some time but not really interact in any way with what's going on. The memory of the meeting can be blurred and the whole experience can contribute quite negatively to the couples situation. In many cases if the man is found to have a semen quality problem the medical profession can seem to just move on to offer IVF and the man then takes the sideline in proceeedings. This can contribute greatly to a sense of loss of control and powerlessness so we want to encourage discussion that will help men ask questions appropriately and get some answers that help.
We therefore aim to help you understand the jargon and also be better prepared to ask the relevant questions when you have your next meeting with the doctor. So do ask and we will do our best to help.
We also want to encourage you to tell us your experiences here on the forum so that others can benefit. Many thanks. Rob


Thanks to adman and you all you have helped me a great deal - not to much time at this moment to tell you my story but I will soon - Interesting about egg donation - seems a bit like sperm only the other way around - Happiness Omar


Hi here again after so long - I have just whisk through some of the posts probably working my way around to this. I am not sure if this is a question for Ask The Doctor. We have been struggling for some time now with successive treatment failure and have been adviced, as my lady is over 40 there is not much chance with her own eggs, to consider egg donation - Could anyone help us with this momentous decition we are now being faced with. There seems to be so many things to consider, we are just lost except for the still, overiding need to have a family.   


Hello Omar - re-your requiste

We would like to acknowledge firstly your journey - it clearly has been a long one, with all its twists and turns to say the least.

You say you are now considering egg donation. There are number of programmes available and those in the UK come under the HFEA legislations and protocols. You could access there website which will give you an overview of options and implications associated with them.

However if you will allow us a little time we will post as comprehensive summary of the options available, and cover the emotional, practical and clinical implications of these programmes both in the UK and abroad.

On a positive note: The success rate of "Egg Donation" range between 35 - 50% live birth, some clinics claim higher rates than these, however the clinics to consider are those which you feel offer high proffessional standards and continuity of care.   



We have just been told that we cannot start treatment due to scans showing that my partner has a follicle that is 120mm in size on day 2 of her cycle.  "the follicle is too mature for this stage of the cycle" says the nurse.  When I asked what does this mean, her reply was " maybe a hormonal imbalance, nothing to worry about".

SImple fact is she either doesn't know what it means or she doesn't want to tell us what it means.


I must say a big thanks to our consultant Professor Leger at the Jessops Clinic as on our recent appointment we was nothing but informative and supportive.

He explained everything in great detail and didnt leave anything to our imagination, even though he was running very late with his clinic he went in to all the finer details and all the questions we asked were answered in full and he made sure we understood.

I have nothing but praise for Jessops and its staff, although I have moaned once or twice in the past that has been down to me not getting what I wanted but they are a great bunch and really care about all the people who walk in through their doors.



Here here...
And I have to say the same for the staff at the BCRM in Bristol.