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Author Topic: HFEA Donor Identifiability  (Read 312 times)
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Donor identifiability

Nowhere in this field has the pace of social and technological change been more rapid than in the growing popularity of direct-to-consumer DNA testing and social media. This has had a significant impact on donor identifiability such that the current system, where identifiable information about a donor can only be disclosed to the donor-conceived person at 18 and only upon request no longer reflects reality.

The HFEA is recommending that the law be changed so that parents can find out who a donor is from the birth of a child, and also that clinics should be required by law to inform donors and recipients of the potential for a donor's identity to be discovered through means such as DNA testing websites or social media.

There has understandably been a great deal of media attention on our proposals around donor identifiability. We know the proposals are a significant departure from the current law, and we are recommending a gradual approach to reach this position by having in-depth discussions with a wide range of stakeholders, including professional bodies, patient and donor groups, donors and donor-conceived individuals, and licensed centres within the fertility sector.

Any new system should uphold the principles that there be an official 'record of truth', and the law should require the HFEA to collect data about children born through donation.
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