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Author Topic: I'm confused!!!!  (Read 10227 times)
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My partner and I have been trying for childen for a while now and we already knew she had Polycystic ovarian syndrome so we knew we could have problems concieving from the start. After 6 months she went to the docs and they did tests on her etc and then decided I should do the sperm tests as well. After 2 sperm tests the results have come back as the following:

Volume: <1mill/ml
pH: 8.5
Viscosity: within normal limits
Agglutination: negative
Aggregation: negative

Spermatazoa not seen.

We were told as there were no sperm in my samples that I am infertile. I am really confused as we have been offered no other advice or reasons why I might be infertile. Whenever I try to talk to the doctor about it he keeps just saying our only option is to use a donor which I'm not happy about. I have not been referred to a specialist to investigate this further. I would be grateful for any advice on where I can go from here as I'm feeling very frustrated and confused!
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Hello Booboo
The results you have been given, with no explanation, options or referal for further investigation must have left you confused and anxious to say the least. We would suggest you make an appointment to discuss with your doctor these concerns.

To summarise the results you have shared with us:

You could seek/Optain a referal and/or contact a Urologist with expertise in infertility for a physical examination and then explanation.
The tests that the consultant may wish you to undertake may include:
Chromosome test to look at chromosome analysis i.e., Karyotype: Y chromosome microdeletion cystic fibrosis,
followed possibly by surgical sperm retrieval TESA PESA, although this would be depending on the test results as above.

In conclusion: a thorough history, physical examination and the tests (if appropriate) such as those mentioned will provide the basis of a number of possible options which can be considered.
It may be that Donor sperm is the only option, however the tests will provide useful and objective information to assertain these options and/or further investigations.
If surgical exploration is an option (TESA PESA) then, ICSI, with your partner undertaking IVF, is possible.
However if genetic disorders are identified by the above tests these will need consideration with your specialist who will discuss with you any assocated risks involved.

We strongly recommend you discuss your/these issues with your doctor/specialist.

GOOD LUCK.......   
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Second opinion:

With regard to the semen analysis results it would appear that further investigation may be required prior to confirming that donor sperm is the only option.
If sperm was not seen in the fresh ejaculate, one's medical history, Family medical history (if possible) and a thourough medication/drugs history should be taken into account to see if anything can be identified that may require further investigation.
A physical examination may identify a possible varicocele blocking sperm production.
A hormone profile can be performed to check levels of LH, FSH, Testosterone, Prolactins, Thyroid as well as Genetic investigations eg. Y-deletion.
Surgical sperm retrieval may be an option and a specialist (one's consultant) will be able to discuss PESA / TESA options in contrast to ones partner undertaking IVF.

Again it is strongly recommended that one should discuss one's options with a specialist.

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