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Author Topic: ADDICTED TO SURROGACY C4 - Keith Watson.  (Read 5474 times)
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Addivted to surrogacy - this was one it was difficult to get your head around. Here one women whose entire life consisted of being pregnant for other people.
It was't as if the money was any great shakes (they claimed) in Amanda's case was 10-000 which when you consider the hassle involved, isn't much of a salary. But Addicted To Surrogacy wasn't about cold hard cash, it was a ratger sad tale of people with holes in their lives which they weren,t certain how to fill. So they put babies there.
The most extreme case was Jill who, at the age of 44, has been pregnabt for the best part of the last 18 years. But she has never had a relationship in that time, let alone a child she could call her own. The film picked a storry as she was trying to conceive a second child, her eigth in total, for a couple she'd helped before. Yet she seemed at a loss to understand how her life had turned out this way, other than she missed not having a bump in her tummy. "You have put your life on hold", said her mate Kim Cotton (a surrogate headliner in her day - the first surrogate in the UK).
She was outdone on the numbers front by Carole, who'd had 12 surrogates babies, including triplets.
Then there was another lady, the only one who had some kind of handle on it all. she just loved being pregnant.
And there was the rub: unless you wanted a baby or had one of your own, this was like dropping in on an alien world where fecundity was as precious as gold. I might as well been watching Meerkar Manor. 
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