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Author Topic: Daily Mail 14th July 09. 72 year old women want's her baby.  (Read 6650 times)
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Luke Salkerd.

At the age of 72 she should know better, but it seems Jenny Brown cannot be deflected from determination to give birth.
Miss Brown, who has never had a long term relationship, has already spent 30-000 in the USA and Italy trying to conceive and is now prepared to travel abroad again to clinics that can still offer IVF treatment to women her age.
If she is successful-with what will be her seventh course of IVF - she will became the oldest mother in the world.
Critics point out that she will also be old enough to be the child's great grandmother.
They also say she could leave any child she had orphaned as an infant.
But Miss Brown replied: "Any mother can die at any age. Look at Jade Goody." "I hope to live untill I am 100."

After first advertising for sperm 20 years ago. Miss Brown initially tried to have a child using her own eggs, but the attempt failed as doctors said her eggs had deterioated because of her age.
Now she is appealing to women aged between 20 and 35 to come forward as possible egg donorsas she does not to use a surrogate.

She has ignored critism from anyone who says her decition is irresponsible including Patricia Scott, a hospital midwife who daid "A women is not meant to get pregnent after the menopause.
She is at high risk of preeclamsia, miscarriage and diabetes. She also won't have enough energy to care for the child properly and is ultimately being irresponsible.
Clinical Psychologist Dr. Baffour added "It seems she has set herslf a goal which she will not let go of. Its impossible to appreciate just how exhausting it can be to give children the care and amusement they need unless you've had children of your own."

But Miss Brown said: "I know there are risks. Like high blood pressure, but i'll take medical advice and doctors will be able to see if there is anything going wrong with scans.
The possible objections are endless - I am aware you are often up all night with a crying baby and I am up for that. I like a challenge."
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I feel any doctor/clinic Miss Brown approachers, has a duty of care, not to "enable" (through false hope) unobtainable expectations in any way.......... 
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