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Egg donation

Started by mensfe_admin, 2008-04-05 13:17

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Sorry guys we seem to have had a hickup on the site and lost some posts.
A question asked was for help with understanding egg donation the answer from Mensfe went as follows:

Firstley may I say that anyone entering into an egg donation programme will have the opportunity to have a number of consultations usually with a dedicated team at the clinic they have chosen. This involves implications counselling with an independant specialist (in this field), so you will be fully informed as to the programmes available to you, and most importantly the emotional, practical and clinical implications of the programmes.
With this information one is able to access and choose the programme that best suits your circunstances.
The counsellor will help you explore and find new stratergies to come to terms with any issues that you may have, as clearly ones journey to arrive at this point will have been very long......

Some of the issues will also be influenced by the programmes available to you(which country you live in) as many countries have different ledgislation.
For example:
The donors in the UK as in Queensland Australia, Canada, some US states, to mention but a few, enters into a contract where any developing child from donated eggs (or sperm) can access their information - including traceable data, at the age of 18yrs. Other countries including some of those within the EU does not. The ledgislation also vary in other ways and one needs to check how this effects you in your country. In fact in some countries egg donation is deemed unlawful and therefore not available. The only option would be to go abroad, again one needs to seek proffessioanl advice to be "fully informed".

As you can see this option to have a family (egg/sperm donation) is very complexed, however in stead of trying to answer your questions here we will write and post a full account on the site within the next week - If anyone has any pressing issues we will of course try and answer these as you post them.

Some of the issues we will deal with are as follows:
Understanding the emotional issues of the programme.
The welfare of your developing child.
Support - Family, friends, and professional.
Which clinic - Abroad v Home.
Donors - Known v Unknown.
Egg share programme v Egg donation.
Persentage chances of success.
The future - Will I tell my child v How v Will not.

Hope this helps - Good luck - More info soon. 


Great look forward to more.................


My goodness I had no idea it was as complexed as this - I assume it is the same for sperm??


Hi rTaylor

Yes it is almost identical for sperm - however donated sperm has to be quaratined for 6 mths. before it can be used - We will answer this question in detail as mentioned before with donated eggs.
Take care


Well just come across this piece on egg donation and luck forward to reading more - good to hear from the admin team of Mensfe it puts a different perspective on things as well as just knowing you are there - THANKS