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mensfe the mens fertility site

Mensfe's Mission


"Our mission is to dedicate time and effort to those who are experiencing infertility by actively promoting "male issues" and increasing public understanding of male infertility. To ensure timely support is available to all who require it, and to comprehensively seek to improve the quality and delivery of male support and infertility care, through all available means. We aim to empower all men to have greater control/choice over managing/coping with their fertility."

Mensfe Aims to;

  • Empower all/members to have greater control/choice over managing/coping with their fertility options.
  • Provide Internationally, self-help and mutual support for males who are experiencing fertility difficulties.
  • Encourage awareness of fertility difficulties.
  • Be sensitive to the needs and desires of all those with fertility difficulties.
  • Represent the views and feelings of “our members” and those with fertility difficulties to the public and other relevant agencies.
  • Encourage and assist further research in its broadest sense into infertility and its various effects.
  • Ensure that our activities are maintained and developed.


  • To provide and maintain access for a/their specialist web site.
  • To provide Internationally, wherever possible, practical and emotional support through a all means possible for professional advice, information and counselling support, to infertile/sub-fertile individuals/males, on the treatment of infertility available.
  • To improve male/female gender communication and related issues.
  • The support of, and coming to terms with, a life without genetic fathering, and other alternatives eg donor sperm, adoption, fostering.
  • To ensure that male/patients voice's and point of view are heard and represented, and to campaign for better facilities and services of all kinds to facilitate and support as above.
  • To raise income through membership, fund raising and corporate sponsorship as necessary.

Communication objectives:

  • To reach potential members, through the creative use of the Internet, publicity, and awareness raising campaigns, and to promote “Male Issue's”.
  • To promote the support and sponsorship of corporate sponsors.
  • To promote “Male Issue's” and services to external bodies, both public and professional.
  • To increase public and professional awareness and understanding of the problems faced by childlessness.
  • To use PR and media relations to create a platform for fundraising.

Internally via the Mensfe Male Issues website, newsletters to our members/potential enquiries, Corporate, subscribers, patrons, and volunteers.

Externally to;

  • Fertility clinics and practitioners.
  • GP's and practice nurses.
  • Male/Couples undertaking fertility treatment.
  • Counsellors and therapists.
  • MPs, Ministers and opinion formers
  • Voluntary organisations covering aspects of infertility.
  • Potential funders.
  • General public.
  • Media: National – Broadsheets, and tabloids – TV and radio. Men's and Women's magazines, including health and parenting.
  • Trade press: Health and reproductive medicine, Charity and Volunteer sector, counselling and therapy press. Internet links to other focussed websites

Mensfe 1 September 2007

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