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Author Topic: I almost lost it...  (Read 10147 times)
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So, having had another check today and become pretty convinced I'm almost totally infertile, I was walking in to town to go and register with a new doctor, and walked past this god-awful chavvy woman with her 14yr old daughter by her side, she was heavily pregnant, her daughter was pushing a buggy with a newborn baby in it, and both of them had fags hanging out of their mouths...

I swear I came so close to just letting rip at them it is untrue.

How can anyone believe in any kind of god, higher power, karma or anything like that when the clueless morons who think it's ok to smoke whilst pregnant and scream "What the f*ck are you doing you little f*cker, sit the f*ck down" to a 3 year old in a supermarket (happened last week) can breed like rabits whether they want to or not... and those of us who want kids more than anything in the world, and actually care about how we would treat them... can't.

I know everyone feels the same, and I know if I'm this annoyed now I'll probably be unbearable next week when the doctors confirm what I think is true... but I just had to shout about it somewhere or I'd explode.

I'm off to do some deep breathing and watch some TV or something.

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I'm glad you didn't lose it, mate.

As you're kind of getting at: the world has more than enough cr*p  in it already without you polluting it that little bit more.  Stick with that moral high ground; it suits you better.
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Hi Rock
It is not a question of glad I did not loose it "as I think you Know" it is about getting so stressed that something like that can "trigger" all your tourment. I am not sure if deap breathing and the TV would help me. Maybe something like a run or physical excersize. If I got to the limit of being so in despair I would go and see a proffesional i.e. counsellor
However glad there was this forum for you to unload.............. hopefully it was enough and if not listen to the replies of concern and reflection you have had.
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It is sometimes so difficult - however glad you are still with us - well done
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Right next to the Assisted conception unit in Sheffield is the Jessops wing and many times we walk past there after parking and go past some awful chav's looking like they are about to drop with a roll up hanging out of their mouth.

Its supposed to be a zero tolerance on smoking anywhere in the grounds.

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